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Appropriate licensing must accompany item to be mounted:
  • Outdoor card number
  • Hunting license seal (tags)
  • Or any other required posession permits

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Eric is a wildlife artist that maintains high standards and excellent service in the taxidermy business. Racks Taxidermy keeps your memory alive by using the best quality materials to give your trophy that extra added touch.

RACKS  takes pride in creating your mount with high quality workmanship. RACKS has become a successful bussiness within the quaint Innisfil community just south of Barrie and north of Toronto (GTA). Serving people from all over Canada and the United States.

Everything you want to know about RACKS Taxidermy, from trophied animal mounts to wild game recipes. Fish to fowl we have the experience to reproduce the catch of your dreams. We take every opportunity to educate our clients in the preservation of our resource. All efforts are put forth to produce the mount that will trigger your memory of the thrill, of the catch. It will be something you can be proud of for a lifetime with family and friends. Customer services is our number one priority, by providing realistic turn around time to finish the product and to ensure you are satisfied it. As always we are happy to answer any questions you might have.
Serving: Taxidermy in Ontario  /   Taxidermist near Barrie  /  Taxidermist near Toronto               Taxidermist in Innisfil

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Moose see when hunting with Racks Taxidermy (c)
2014 Bull Moose Picture taken at Camp Horizon by Ringhofer Hunt Camp.
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Otter rackstaxidermy.(c)
2015 New : Otter
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Services include:
moose running
  • Realistic product completion times
  • Custom fish mounts & replicas
  • Mammal and bird mounts
  • Custom habitats
  • Pedestal (2 sided) custom mounts
  • Stringer Mounts
  • Custom castings
  • Repair work, repaints & restorations

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tim racks taxidermy (c)
Questions?   Contact us at 705-294-1440
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